‘Injured’ Kim Hae-Sung falls to the ground after an unceremonious block… Should he have kicked it in instead?

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It was a dizzying moment, brought on by an unsportsmanlike play by an opponent. Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres) collided with the opposing catcher as he was running home on a tag-up and injured his shoulder. He could have avoided the shoulder injury by kicking out.

Kim started at first base and second base for the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series against the Texas Rangers at Petco Park in San Diego, California, U.S., on Aug. 31, but was removed from the lineup in the top of the fourth inning.

Kim has been on a tear lately, earning the manager’s trust as a leadoff hitter. He has become an integral part of the San Diego Padres organization. The San Diego home fans have been chanting his name every time he steps up to the plate. That makes this injury all the more unfortunate.

Kim batted leadoff in the top of the first inning with the score tied at 0-0. He got three straight pitches in the zone against Texas starter Cody Bradford. He watched the fourth pitch for a strike, then took the fifth pitch up the middle for a foul. In the sixth, he went for a high ball outside off, but it was again fouled. In the seventh, he picked off a 91.5-mph four-seam fastball in the zone and grounded out. Kim fulfilled his role as a leadoff hitter in the first inning. One out later, after Juan Soto struck out swinging, Kim boldly stole second base. It was Kim’s 21st stolen base of the season. However, he was unable to reach home as Manny Machado struck out swinging. 스포츠토토

In the bottom of the third inning, with the score still 0-0, Kim batted second. Once again, Kim harassed the opposing pitcher, forcing him to throw a total of seven pitches. After a first-pitch body strike, the second pitch was a high ball. The third pitch was a surprise bunt that was fouled off. Facing a 1-2 count, Kim persevered, fouling off pitches four and five. The sixth pitch was a ball. On a 2-2 pitch count, Kim pulled a 91.2 mph four-seam fastball hard on the seventh pitch. The ball was hit deep between the third baseman and shortstop, where Ezequiel Duran barely caught it and made a non-stop throw to first base, but Kim reached first.
In just two at-bats, Kim was in great form… Kim Ha-seong’s determination and the opposing catcher’s unsportsmanlike conduct led to the ‘injury’.
Kim Hae-sung reached base in just two at-bats. It was a moment that showed just how good Kim was at the plate and on the field, but the inning was the last we would see of him. After Fernando Tatis Jr. flied out to center field, Soto drew a walk to move Kim to second. Machado followed with a single to right, advancing Kim to third. San Diego’s chance to tie the game. The next batter, Xander Bogaerts, flied out to center field.

This is where Kim’s unfortunate injury happened. Texas makes the catch on Bogaerts’ hit.

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The stage is set for growth, and young setters are taking charge.

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The Pro Volleyball Cup is an opportunity for growth, with no foreigners playing and many of the main players taking a break from competition to focus on their bodies. It’s a time for younger players who don’t get much of a chance in the league to hone their skills on the court.

GS Caltex setter Kim Ji-won (22) has an extra weight on her shoulders. Starting setter Ahn Hye-jin (25) is out for the season after undergoing surgery for a dislocated shoulder joint earlier this month. She won’t be able to return until March next year. Kim Ji-won will have a lot of work to do, not only in the Cup, but also in the V-League, which starts in October.

After Ahn’s injury, GS Caltex signed former Philippine national team setter Iris Tolenada as their Asian quarterback, but it’s unclear how much of an impact she will have. Due to the nature of the position, she will need time to gel with the existing players. To be fair, Tolenada isn’t exactly Plan A either. With Ahn’s departure, GS Caltex hastily replaced Indonesian attacker Medi Yoku, whom they had selected in the Asian Quarterly Draft, with Thai national team setter Soraya Pomra, and then replaced Pomra with Tolenada. “I heard that she was pregnant,” explained GS Caltex head coach Cha Sang-hyun.

With Tolenada still an unknown quantity, Kim Ji-won’s growth is essential to fill the void left by Ahn Hye-jin.

She’s off to a good start. In the first match of the Gumi Dodram Cup professional volleyball tournament at Park Jung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province, on Sept. 30, Kim Ji-won had an uneventful game against Thai invitational team Supreme Chonburi. “I’ve accumulated a lot of vacation days, so I can’t say I’m overwhelmed,” Kim said. Kim joined GS Caltex with the first pick of the first round of the 2020 Draft. In this year’s Volleyball Nations League (VNL), she made the national team for the first time in her career. The rest is up to her.

Korea Expressway Corporation setter Ahn Yerim, 22, also has a chance. The 22-year-old setter has been left to carry the load in the cup tournament due to the prolonged ankle injury of main setter Lee Yoon-jung.

Ahn raised expectations with her impressive performance in last year’s Cup, but once the league started, she was unable to play a prominent role.

Anyerim played a full set as a setter against Pepper Savings Bank in the 29th Cup. However, her manager’s assessment was sobering. “Her ball flight was inconsistent, and her height was shaky,” said Kim Jong-min, head coach of the Road Corporation. Ahn Yerim was also disappointed. She said she tried to utilize as many different attacking options as possible, but was unable to do so as the game got closer and she was psychologically overwhelmed. 안전놀이터

Anyerim said that she prepared for the season with the mindset of “throwing everything away and starting anew.” He is determined not to repeat the mistakes of the previous season, when he lost his flow when things didn’t go his way.

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‘De Gea released, Maguire stripped of captaincy’→Ton Haag “Man Utd, you appointed me to do this”

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Manchester United manager Eric Schürrle has criticized the decisions made by David De Gea and Harry Maguire.

The Athletic, a British publication, published an interview with Mourinho on July 31. In the interview, Mourinho opened up about the release of De Gea and the removal of Maguire as captain.

De Gea, who has been in goal for United since 2011, was released as a free agent last month when his contract expired on June 30. In his 12 years at United, De Gea made 545 appearances and kept 190 clean sheets, winning the Golden Glove last season after keeping 17 clean sheets in all competitions in the Premier League.

Despite De Gea’s status as a United legend, the club decided not to extend his contract. Instead, they signed Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana from Inter Milan for €52.5 million to fill the void left by De Gea.

With De Gea’s departure, United also revamped the club’s captaincy until last season. Bruno Fernandez is the new United captain, replacing Maguire, who captained the club until last season.

Maguire, a 6-foot-2, 194-pound defender, was once a highly touted center back for United. In 2019, the Red Devils spent a whopping £80 million to sign Maguire from Leicester City, setting a new transfer record for a defender.

However, Maguire’s increasing number of on-field errors since arriving at United eventually led to him falling out of favor with Mourinho and being stripped of the captain’s armband.

Currently on pre-season training in California, USA, Mourinho was asked how he felt about making the difficult decisions to release De Gea and strip Maguire of the captaincy. 먹튀검증

“That’s the difference between a manager and a normal person. “At the end of the day, the best football is about making decisions after you get results,” he said, “and United have appointed me to make these decisions at this moment in time.

“To make these decisions, you have to do it in an upright and honest way and that’s what I always want to do,” he added, “I always try to do it in this way.”

“I’m not trying to fight with Maguire, that’s for you guys to decide,” he said, adding, “I’m not going to say he’s not a part of the squad.”

With Maguire stripped of the captain’s armband, some speculated that United were pressing for his release. United are now listening to offers for Maguire, with West Ham United reportedly interested in signing him, but Mourinho insists he did not strip him of the captaincy in order to get rid of him.

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‘Mistake Party’ for 3 years in a row… Bears freeze when they meet twins.

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Mistakes again proved to be the difference between victory and defeat.

The Doosan Bears went 0-10 against the LG Twins in the 2023 KBO regular season at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on Tuesday.

It was a game where nothing was better than LG. The starting pitching, bullpen, and batting order all collapsed, and the Bears were completely outmatched in the power game. The momentum from their 11-game winning streak was nowhere to be found.

But it’s hard to lose three straight games by simply losing the power battle. Mistakes were the biggest culprit. In the top of the third inning, Doosan took advantage of a throwing error by Yang Ji Woo at third base. Park Hae-min doubled with the bases loaded, but left fielder Kim Tae-geun, who caught the ball, threw it to Yang Ji, who threw to third base in an attempt to cut down the runner, and the throw sailed high over the third baseman. Doosan ended up giving up two more runs that they didn’t have to. It was the moment that decided the outcome of the game.

Trouble from the start. It wasn’t an error on the scoreboard, but it was completely defensive. In the top of the first inning, Moon Sung-ju, who had walked, tried to steal second base, but Yang’s second base stealing jersey was perfectly positioned, and shortstop Park Kye-beom failed to catch it, leading to the first run of the game. Troubled from the start, starting pitcher Brandon Waddell showed his uncharacteristically shaky side, giving up two wild pitches and eventually giving up an unprecedented eight runs (seven earned).

It wasn’t the only time the team made errors. There were also errors on the 28th and 29th. On the 28th, Jose Rojas made an error. Rojas, who was playing right field, made a throwing error when Shin Min-jae singled to right field in the top of the second inning, sending a runner to third base.

Then, on the 29th, outfielder Kim Tae-geun and infielder Kim Jae-ho committed back-to-back errors. Kim Tae-geun’s throwing error at home plate in the fifth inning led to two more runs, and Kim Jae-ho’s throwing error at shortstop in the ninth inning led to one more run. The difference between Doosan and LG was only one run. It was a defensive defeat.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said before the game on the 30th, “LG is a good team as evaluated by the outside world, so I think we made more mistakes while trying to show a better performance against LG. I want the players to be a little more relaxed.” “Certainly, we are still lacking in details, 메이저놀이터 such as defensive backups and call plays. We’re aware of that, so we’ll have to work on it a little bit,” he vowed, but the result was a series of mistakes and losses. Rookies, foreign players, and veterans alike could not escape the LG Electronics nightmare.

With the 30th loss, Doosan’s record against LG Electronics dropped to 2-8 this season. A 2 percent winning percentage. They need to win all of their remaining games to get back to 5 points, and that doesn’t seem likely. Doosan, which had made LG suffer from ‘bear phobia’ in the past, is now suffering from ‘twin phobia’. To get out of it, the defense needs to change.

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DB Director Kim Joo-sung “Triple Tower operation check through practice!”

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DB head coach Kim Joo-sung has been planning for the season as he looks to continue his rise to the top as the team’s franchise player and head coach. He plans to overhaul the operation of the triple tower as much as possible before the season to capitalize on its height advantage.

DB officially appointed Kim Joo-sung as head coach after the end of last season. Kim started his professional career with DB’s predecessor, Wonju TG Sambo, as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2002 KBL Rookie Draft and wore the same uniform until his retirement from active duty in 2018. He played 16 seasons with one team, winning five regular season titles and three championships. He was also named regular season and playoff Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice.

“I’m honored and excited to retire from the team I played for, coach for, and now manage,” said Kim, who is looking forward to leading the DBs next season. The team has also been praised for recruiting Dedrick Lawson, Kim Young-hyun, and Shin Min-soo. “Last season, we struggled with poor scoring support from our mercenaries, and there were games where they didn’t even score 10 points together,” Kim said. “I think Lawson’s arrival this season is a big reason. He can give us 20+ points, so we’re expecting a lot from him. (Kim) Young-hyun and (Seo) Min-soo also have some things that the team needs.”

He also envisions a synergy between Lawson and existing players Kang Sang-jae and Kim Jong-kyu. “We need (Kang) Sang-jae and (Kim) Jong-gyu to do well,” Kim said. Since last season, there have been high expectations around the triple tower,” he said. “All three are big men who can shoot. We will continue to test the coexistence of (Kang) Sang-jae and (Kim) Jong-kyu. They have to be able to play together (to perform). We’re thinking a lot about movement and patterns. I think Jong-kyu can play well with Lawson, and he can play two-on-two with Lawson.”

Lawson, Kang Sang-jae, and Jong-gyu all have the offensive capabilities to form a triple tower. However, Kim emphasized defense as a prerequisite for the triple tower. 메이저놀이터 “It’s different from the triple tower when I was playing,” he said. All three of them can shoot, so there are many scenarios possible,” he said. “However, to create a big power for the team, the triple tower can only be used if the three of them are in good defensive sync. If there are gaps in the defense, we can’t use it.”

DB finished the 2022-2023 regular season in seventh place (22 wins and 32 losses). “Our goal for next season is to make the playoffs. We haven’t been to the playoffs for three years, and we’ll reset our goal after reaching the quarterfinals.”

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Holland flies out of South Korea without an interview, what happens to Man City?

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‘Monster striker’ Elling Holland (23, Man City) was rushed back to England without giving an official interview to Korean fans.

Manchester City (hereinafter referred to as City) lost 1-2 to Atletico Madrid (hereinafter referred to as ATM) in the second leg of the Coupang Play Series at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul at 8 p.m. on March 30.

After a 0-0 tie in the first half, City substituted nine field players at the same time, including Holland in the 10th minute of the second half. Memphis Depay and Pereyra Carrasco, who also came off the bench, scored the game-winning goals. City pulled a goal back through Jubeng Dias to preserve their pride.

A whopping 64,185 soccer fans gathered at Sangam to watch City and ATM come to Korea. Even three hours before kickoff, traffic was paralyzed around Sangam World Cup Stadium. Traffic police were dispatched to organize the traffic, but it was difficult to control the flow of vehicles.

About 90 minutes before kickoff, it suddenly started raining heavily in Sangam. It was so heavy that there was no point in wearing an umbrella. But it didn’t deter the fans from seeing Holland. The City team bus was stuck in traffic and didn’t arrive until 80 minutes into the game.

Fans continued to wait outside in the rain to see the squad. Many fans wore the light blue jerseys of City players such as Holland and De Bruyne. The scene was more reminiscent of the Etihad Stadium than Sangam.

Eventually, after a 40-minute delay due to heavy rain, the game kicked off at 8:40. Tottenham’s last game in Bangkok was canceled due to heavy rain. Luckily, the rain stopped before the game and the Sangam World Cup Stadium had good drainage.

However, after the game, Holland and the rest of the City squad didn’t make it to the official press conference and mixer zone interviews that were scheduled, but instead packed up and headed to the airport. What happened?

“The team was originally scheduled to fly out to the UK in the early hours of the morning on a private flight,” said an organizer. The match was delayed by 40 minutes, so there was no time for the players to do interviews. The team went straight to the airport and left the country.”

Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, were more forthcoming with 메이저놀이터 their post-match interviews. Madrid were also very busy, with a match against Real Sociedad in Spain on August 3.

Coach Diego Simeone said, “I want to thank the Korean fans for their patience in the rain. Beating the best club in the world gives us a lot of confidence to prepare for the league,” said Simeone, who was pleased with the results of the tour.

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