Getting caught up in a losing streak is the same… Lotte players-fans eventually collide

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It is no exaggeration to say that professional baseball, the most popular sport in Korea, grew up eating the love of fans. Among them, the most popular club is by far the Lotte Giants. However, as Lotte’s losing streak continued, a clash occurred between a fan and a player. It started with a love-hate relationship between a fan who was frustrated at not seeing a championship in 31 years and a player who wanted to do well but whose results didn’t match.안전놀이터

The ‘incident’ occurred right after the end of the match between Lotte and NC held at Sajik Baseball Stadium on the 1st. The place was a parking lot. According to fans who were around the parking lot at the time, while Lotte veteran Jeon Jun-woo (pictured) was signing autographs for fans on his way home from work, a man yelled, “Play baseball well,” along with swear words. When Jeon Jun-woo, angry at this, approached the man, the bodyguards stopped the two. Finisher Kim Won-joong, who was in the car, also hurriedly intervened. Fortunately, there was no physical conflict, but Jeon Jun-woo, as if his anger was not resolved, said, “Fans are cursed at by people like you,” and then left. Since Jeon Jun-woo is known for his good fan service, fans who watched this scene were known to be quite surprised.

Although the communication method was a bit harsh, both sides’ positions were understandable. This game was Lotte’s first game after falling to 7th place after being ‘swept’ in three consecutive matches last weekend. Nevertheless, 13,000 spectators gathered at Sajik Stadium. At shops that sell goods, there is even a line waiting for fans to buy new products. However, Lotte suffered a come-from-behind defeat at the end of overtime that day and fell into a 4-game losing streak. The cheers of the fans were enough to pierce the sky. In particular, Jeon Jun-woo came out as the designated hitter 4 times that day and was silent with no hits in 3 at-bats. He also hit three home runs last month, but his slump continues, with his monthly batting average of 0.218.

From Jeon Jun-woo’s point of view, it’s bound to be frustrating. Receiving FA (free agent) status at the end of this season, he is more thirsty for team victory and personal performance than anyone else. Even when he raised his voice with his fans, it is assumed that his heart was filled with regret.

Fans and players alike are frustrated at seeing Lotte, which once ranked first and inflated its dream of fall baseball, collapse helplessly in the second half. In the end, it seems that Lotte has no answer but to rebound in the remaining games and present fall baseball to fans.

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