Mets owner, letter of apology to fans “We will make a formidable team in 2024”

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New York Mets owner Steve Cohen has pledged to build a better team in 2024.

On the 6th (Korean time), the ‘New York Post’ obtained and released the contents of the letter Cohen sent to the club’s season ticket members.먹튀검증

“We brought in some important players, but things didn’t go as planned,” Cohen wrote in the letter. It is understandable that you are disappointed. We were disappointed too,” he apologized for the disappointing season.

Owner Stephen Cohen said he would create a competitive team in 2024. Photo =ⓒAFPBBNews = News1
Despite the aggressive investment, the Mets remained 4th in the National League East Division with a record of 50-59 before the game on the 6th.

As a result, they aggressively sold key players ahead of the trade deadline. Tommy Pam, Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Mark Kanha and David Robertson have left the team. It was a trade that made me worry about the future beyond this season.

Cohen, as if trying to calm this anxiety, promised fans that “our goal is to be a steady contender,” and that in the 2024 season, “we will build a competitive, formidable team.”

He continued, “The only way to become a consistent contender is to create a pipeline of talented players in the farm system,” and announced that he would focus on nurturing high-quality prospects.

Whether the Mets can deliver on that promise in 2024 remains to be seen. Cohen’s owner said a little differently in an interview with the local media earlier. He told the New York Post major league reporter John Heyman, “We will compete in 2024, but 2025 to 2026 is the time when young players will have an impact.” “There will be a lot of dead money in 2024. We will have more financial flexibility in 2025.”

In a meeting with reporters during a recent trip to Kansas City, he said, “Next year’s expectations will be a little lower than this year, but I can’t say exactly what will happen in the offseason. I am optimistic that there will be an opportunity.”

Scherzer, who was traded to the Texas Rangers, also mentioned in an interview with local media that the Mets are considering 2024 as a turning point.

Cohen’s owner made it clear that the team would not fall into a dark period, saying, “I promise to work hard to create a competitive team in 2024,” as if to dispel fans’ anxiety about this.

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