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Samsung’s ace Suarez said goodbye to his fans.먹튀검증

On the 10th, Suarez posted a picture on his SNS account and said, ‘Thank you to KBO. Let’s meet again next time (Thanks KBO! Until next time),’ he left a message. The post Suarez posted was a picture of the monthly MVP candidate, a collection of players who were very active during the month of July. At the time, Suarez stood shoulder to shoulder with NC’s Martin, Hanwha No Si-hwan, and KT’s Ko Young-pyo-Benjamin duo. Although the monthly MVP had to go to Roh Si-hwan, the home run leader, Suarez also did not allow a single run while pitching 19 innings in three games in July, despite the team running at the bottom.

That’s why no one doubted Suarez and Samsung’s long-term companion. However, on the 6th, as soon as he took the mound as a starter against Daegu LG, it was a fatal blow that he limped as if he felt pain while going to base cover for the defense in the first inning. As a result of a detailed examination, about 12 cm of muscle damage was found on the gastrocnemius of his left calf, and he had no choice but to go through the process of replacing the season out. The season performance was good with 4 wins and 7 losses in 108 innings and an average ERA of 3.92.

It was not because of his own will, but because of his injury, so the fans, including himself, couldn’t help but feel more regret than anyone else. Accordingly, Suarez also expressed his regret on social media before returning. 

Suarez, who was once praised by fans as saying, “Let’s confiscate his passport and prevent him from returning to his home country!”, has memories of not being able to win despite his good pitching last year. On the contrary, the fans showed their sorryness and sent coffee trucks. Suarez did not forget these support.

Samsung fans who came across the post said, “You’ve worked hard in difficult times, and I’m really grateful for being a great help to Samsung. I look forward to seeing you again next year after recovering well.”, “I am so grateful that Suarez is on our team. Always. I hope good luck will be with you. I hope I can see you in blue again next year.”

It remains to be seen whether Suarez will be able to wear the Samsung uniform next year as he and the fans wish after recovering from his injury.

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