I am moved by the pain of tearing my shoulder… But Samsung sighed, it would be a big deal if it became like Tatis

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 It was a play that should not be spared the expressions ‘fighting spirit’ and ‘all-in-one’. Despite the extreme pain, he got up and threw the ball to create two outcounts at once. However, Samsung fans couldn’t just clap. This is because we confirmed not only the outstanding ability and mental strength of this promising player, but also potential problems.토토사이트

Infielder Lee Jae-hyeon (20), one of Samsung’s future players, played as the starting 8th shortstop in a match against SSG held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 13th, but was replaced during defense in the 3rd inning. Although he played well, his left shoulder, which was momentarily impacted, was a problem. It was a thing of the past, but he would have been better off not catching the ball and not getting hurt. This was the case considering the impact Lee Jae-hyun’s absence had on his game and the future anxiety.

It happened in the third inning with the score trailing 0-2. In SSG, Choo Shin-soo, the leader, hit a double through the middle left. The runner went out in scoring position at once. The follow-up hitter Choi Ji-hoon also hit the ball well in the direction of left field. He seemed to be getting a hit, and actual second base runner Choo Shin-soo seemed to think so, and quickly moved to third base. However, Lee Jae-hyun was in Samsung’s infield. Lee Jae-hyeon, who has excellent athletic ability, threw his body and scored a straight hit. He was a huge hobbie helping starter Taylor Widener.

However, in the process of flying, a lot of weight was applied to the left shoulder. As it became known later, a dislocation of the left shoulder occurred. Even so, Lee Jae-hyun was concentrating on playing. Even when he was in excruciating pain, he got up and threw the ball to second base. He was not in a situation where he could throw with all his might, but it was enough for the ball to reach second base before Choo Shin-soo returned home. And he immediately fell to the ground. A training coach rushed to Samsung Dugout.

He walked out on his own, but a replacement was unavoidable. A Samsung official said during the game, “There was a dislocation of the left shoulder during the defense situation. Once it is in place,” he explained, “It seems to be not severe at the moment, so I am icing, and tomorrow I will have an MRI examination in Daegu.” His missing shoulder was corrected once. It does not seem serious when considering the symptoms and the player’s feelings, but it is interpreted as meaning that he will do a checkup in preparation for the unexpected.

Not only the club, but also the fans are worried. Lee Jae-hyun is one of the flag bearers of Samsung’s generational shift. Lee Jae-hyun, who was selected as one of the leading amateur infielders in Seoul High School, received Samsung’s first nomination in the 2022 rookie draft. Samsung picked Lee Jae-hyeon as the core and leader of the infield of the future team and has been developing it since last year. After playing 75 games last year, he did not bother to catch veteran infielders in front of Lee Jae-hyun ahead of this season. He had the feeling that he was pushed into the starting lineup.

By the 13th of this year, he played exactly 100 games. In other words, he participated in the pre-season games Samsung played. Although his batting average is rather low at 0.243, he has already shown off his slugging power, hitting 10 home runs. He fully showed his potential to become a 20 home run shortstop. He has twists and turns in defense, but it is evaluated that he is constantly finding a sense of stability as he accumulates experience. Above all, he is now a 20-year-old shortstop. He has more positives than negatives.

However, he grabs his left shoulder frequently this year. He missed quite a few games while defending and running base due to left shoulder pain. On June 15th, there was a scene where he suffered pain in his left shoulder while doing a diving catch against LG in Jamsil, and on June 23rd, against SSG in Incheon, he grabbed second base while also catching his left shoulder. He was replaced by a runner-up at the time as well and finished the game. But again, the problem occurred in the same area. It’s no wonder that he has a lot of worried eyes.

His shoulder dislocation is one of the axes that are likely to recur once suffered. If this problem is repeated, there is no way it will have a good effect on the shoulder tissue. Besides, Lee Jae-hyeon is a player who is destined to fly. He is also a shortstop at the position, and he is also a runner who often slides head-first. If his shoulder continues to have problems, his play may also be atrophied. In fact, it is not normal that a problem arises every time a shock is applied to the shoulder by throwing one’s body.

Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego) also struggled with frequent shoulder dislocations, and eventually chose to have shoulder surgery and clean up the problem. This is why the MRI scan results on the 14th are attracting attention. Building experience is also possible if you are healthy. The best thing is to have no special problems, complete the season once in a more elaborate management plan, and then find a way.

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