Following Heo Jae, director Choi Kang-hee also said to the Chinese media, “If you are a reporter, ask straight questions.”

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On the 1st (Korean time), China’s ‘’ focused on Shandong Taishan coach Choi Kang-hee’s clash with the Beijing local media. 스포츠토토

In the quarterfinals of the China FA Cup (CFA Cup) held at the Workers’ Stadium in Beijing, China on August 31, Shandong was tied 1-1 in regular time and defeated Beijing Guoan 6-5 in a penalty shootout.

Ahead of this game, there was a war of nerves between the Beijing fans, who are known to be extremely fierce even in China, and the club. The worst of them all was Coach Suarez’s celebration.

When Kang Sang-woo scored the equalizing goal when the team was down 0-1, Coach Suarez approached the Shandong bench as if Coach Choi Kang-hee was watching him and provoked him by showing an intense celebration.

After seeing this, the Shandong coaching staff, coach Choi Kang-hee, and the players all protested, but there was no punishment from the referee. In this situation, after the team ended in a penalty shoot-out victory, local newspapers in Beijing began harassing coach Choi Kang-hee.

Coach Choi Kang-hee said of Coach Suarez, “Soccer is not about two teams fighting directly. I’ve been a soccer coach for 30 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen this behavior. We didn’t even impose sanctions. I hope the opposing coach respects us.” .

A Beijing media reporter who heard this criticized coach Choi Kang-hee, saying it was wrong to mention coach Suarez. Director Choi Kang-hee then expressed his displeasure, saying, “You have to act to be respected to be respected. The question is incorrect.”

He then expressed his displeasure, saying, “Reporter, in your opinion, do you think such behavior is right? If you think such behavior does not break the rules, you do not know soccer.”

Beijing media reporters who saw this continued to harass director Choi Kang-hee. A reporter mentioned Shandong’s card and coach Choi Kang-hee, who expressed dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision.

Director Choi Kang-hee, who heard this, stormed out of the press conference room and said, “If you’re a reporter, you should ask questions like a reporter. I don’t know where people who don’t even look like reporters come and do this,” and added, “It seems like they’re arguing rather than asking questions.”

This was a similar reaction to Coach Heo Jae, who visited China in the past as coach of the Korean national basketball team and expressed displeasure at questions from the Chinese media. It was literally a similar scene where he exploded while giving a gentlemanly response to a Chinese reporter’s absurd question.

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