Opportunity or crisis… KT-LG, hot meeting

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KT Wiz meets LG Twins. It is a big match where the direction of the battle for the lead is at stake.

KT will play a three-game series against LG at its home stadium, Suwon KT Wiz Park, starting on the 5th. It is a confrontation between the ‘scary chaser’ KT and LG, which has never lost its lead since June 27th.

This is the first time this season that KT, which was hovering around the bottom until early June, is facing leader LG in ‘second place’ position.메이저놀이터

As of July 25-27, the most recent meeting, KT remained in the middle rank. I remember maintaining 5th place by winning against LG on the 25th and 26th, but dropping to 6th place after losing on the 27th.

KT, which has not stopped its advance since then, has had an amazing August and has emerged as the team LG is most wary of. KT showed an upward trend of 19 wins and 4 losses (0.826 win rate) in the month of August, leaping to second place and trailing first place LG by 5.5 games as of the 4th.

However, KT stumbled from the start of September. Their momentum was lost as they lost all three games against Kiwoom Heroes on the 1st to 3rd. It’s been about two months since KT’s 4th consecutive loss against LG on July 6th to the KIA Tigers on 9th.

In a situation where they were on an unfamiliar losing streak, they happened to face LG, which they needed to catch in order to compete in the rankings.

If you gain the upper hand in this meeting, the atmosphere will change and your pursuit of the leader will gain more strength. On the other hand, if you miss this opportunity, you will inevitably face a crisis in the ranking competition.

Even for LG, the three-game series against KT is a must-win series. If we take advantage of this opportunity, we can begin to solidify the lead by widening the distance from KT, who has been chasing us.

However, LG, which was cruising along, also faltered in the three-game series last weekend, losing 1 win and 2 losses to the bottom-ranked Hanwha Eagles.

The shoulders of the pitchers from both teams, who will be on the starting mound on the first day of the match, are also heavy.

KT will select William Cuevas, and LG will select Choi Won-tae as the starting mound on the 5th.

Cuevas, who joined KT as a substitute player last June, is playing very well this season with 8 wins, no losses, and an ERA of 2.63 in 12 games. In particular, he won all 5 games in the month of August and displayed a brilliant fightback with an ERA of 0.50.

Even for Cuevas, LG is not an easy opponent.

Cuevas had a hard time facing LG twice this year. He left with no wins or losses, allowing only 10 runs in 8 innings and an earned run average of 11.25.

LG entrusts Choi Won-tae with the starting mound on the first day of the three-game series against KT.

Choi Won-tae, whom LG acquired through a trade to win the championship, has 8 wins, 6 losses, and an average ERA of 4.04 in 22 games this season.

In his previous appearance, against the NC Dinos on the 25th of last month, he suffered 15 hits and allowed 11 runs (9 earned runs) in 4 innings.

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