‘Tomorrow we’ll meet Peddies’ DH without Kim Sang-soo and Koo Seung-min, it would have been terrible without the fighting spirit of the National University ace 112 pitches “I wanted to ease the burden on the bullpen”

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Lotte Giants’ native ace Park Se-woong saved the team.

Park Se-woong started in the first game of the double header against NC held at Changwon NC Park on the 9th, and led the team to a 5-2 comeback victory with 6 hits, 1 walk, 9 strikeouts, and 2 runs in 6⅔ innings.

After winning against KT on the 15th of last month, they added a win 25 days later, making it their 6th win (7 losses) of the season. He recorded his 13th quality start in his 24th start. He used a variety of fastballs of up to 148 km and slider, forkball, and curves to avoid the intensive hitting of the NC batting lineup. The NC batters’ bats cut through the air on a dancing breaking ball, contributing 9 strikeouts.

The start wasn’t very good.메이저사이트

Bad luck followed from the bottom of the first inning. After two outs, Park Geon-woo’s missed hit fell in front of center field. First and second bases due to Martin’s walk. Kwon Hee-dong, who was still reeling from his 2-RBI, timely hit in the final game of the 7th inning the previous day, threw a 147km fastball at the end of a full-count match and was hit by a timely hit to the left.

He allowed an infield hit to leadoff hitter Seo Ho-cheol in the second inning, but ended the inning after three batters with consecutive strikeouts and stolen bases.

In the 3rd inning with a 1-0 lead, he gave up 150 hits to lead A-seop Son for the first time in 8 consecutive seasons in the KBO League and 200 bases for 11 consecutive seasons for the second time in history. A stolen base and a wild pitch allowed a timely hit to Jason Martin in the 4th with 2 outs and 3rd base. 0-2.

The 2023 KBO League match between Lotte Giants and KIA Tigers was held at Gwangju KIA Champions Field on the 28th. Lotte Park Se-woong is talking with pitching coach Kim Hyun-wook before going down the mound in the bottom of the 5th inning. Gwangju = Reporter Heo Sang-wook wook@sportschosun.com/2023.07.28/
But Park Se-woong was an ace. He suppressed additional goals and calmly created a winnable game.

Park Se-woong, who had thrown out three-and-out offenses in the 4th and 5th inning, maintained the lead with 2 strikeouts and no runs in the 6th inning, when he managed to turn the score around 4-2. Number of pitches: 103.

In the double header, the core bullpen duo of Kim Sang-soo, who left the day before due to an adductor injury, and Koo Seung-min, who is not yet complete, is missing.

Park Se-woong also took the mound in the 7th inning. After hitting Seo Ho-cheol and Kim Hyeong-jun in succession, he handed the mound to Choi Jun-yong with two outs in the 7th inning, leading 5-2. Number of pitches: 112. It was a game in which he fulfilled his responsibility as an ace.

After the game, Park Se-woong said, “Coach asked me to face two more batters in the 7th inning. I also went up with a sense of responsibility that I had to play my role as a starting pitcher. I wanted to shake off the regrets from last game and ease the burden on the middle pitchers. “There was also,” he explained. “In a losing situation, I was able to turn it around with a big inning, so I was able to pitch more easily. Although I gave up a run, I was able to record a QS thanks to the good defense of the fielders. I talked to Jeong Jeong-geun before the game and said I would follow him as much as possible, but Jeong Jeong-geun’s decision was “I would like to say thank you for the positive results,” he said.

In the second game of the double header that followed, Lotte lost 5 to 6 after an all-out bullpen battle, sharing 1 win and 1 loss with NC. In the last game of the week, against NC on the 10th, they have to face the best pitcher in the country, Eric Peddy.

Lotte is also about to fight back with ace Aaron Wilkerson, but it is true that meeting Peddie is burdensome in a situation where the bullpen is not complete.

On the 8th, the first day of the four-game series, they lost against Changwon NC by one point, 3 to 4.

What if local ace Park Se-woong had not won the first game of the doubleheader on this day, led by a fighting spirit of 112 pitches in 6⅔ innings? Just thinking about it would have led to a terrible situation.

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