“Jeon Mir or Yook Seon-yeop” The possibility of ‘Sammir’ is Lotte’s choice, and Samsung is unconditionally one of the two…there are no exceptions.

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Samsung Lions fans are very interested in Jeon Mir, a player from Gyeongbuk High School.

A player who can handle both twos and hits with excellent athletic ability. He has the potential not only as a large pitcher but also as a large hitter.먹튀검증

Immediately after the Blue Dragons won the team, Jeon Mir expressed his favor by saying, “Samsung fans are very interested in the team,” saying, “This is a team I’ve supported and liked since I was young.”

But Samsung does not have his choice. Jeon Mir’s destination. It’s up to the Lotte Giants, who ranked 8th last year and hold the 3rd overall pick.

There is a very high probability that Hanwha, with the first overall pick, will select left-hander Hwang Jun-seo from Incheon High School, and that Doosan, with the second pick, will select Taek-yeon Kim from Incheon High School.

Lotte’s choice, the third pick, is likely to go to Jeon Mir. The plan is to develop him into a dual-wielding player by taking advantage of his strengths as both a pitcher and a hitter.

If it is concluded that ‘Rot Mir’ is the choice, Samsung’s choice will be Jangchung High School pitcher Yook Seon-yeop.

An orthodox right-handed pitcher with a good physique of 1m90 and 90kg. He is an attractive pitcher with stable control of fast balls approaching 150 km, curves, and splitter breaking balls that come out of his smooth and dynamic pitching form. A highly accomplished large-sized pitcher who has a high possibility of being deployed immediately.

He is a promising player who can play a part in Samsung’s starting mound this season along with rookie Lee Ho-seong.

A Samsung official highly values ​​Yook Seon-yeop, saying, “He has good hardware and is a well-received pitcher.”

The 57th President’s Cup National High School Baseball Tournament match between Cheongdam High School and Gyeongbuk High School was held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on the 9th. Gyeongbuk High School’s Jeon Mir, the lead hitter in the top of the 4th inning, is hitting a hit. Mok-dong = Reporter Park Jae-man pjm@sportschosun.com/2023.08.09/
Samsung is also very interested in Jeonmir.

If Lotte does not select him by chance, he plans to nominate Jeon Mir. Samsung made it clear that “we are either Jeon Mir or Yook Seon-yeop.” He is showing a little more interest in the use of Mir before the hitter, saying, “He is a right-handed slugger with excellent athletic ability who can play in the corner or outfield.”

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