Hanwha designated Hwang Young-mook plays in the final game of the independent league

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Yeoncheon Miracle’s Hwang Young-mook (23), who first revealed his desire for baseball through the KBS Youth Baseball Team, will participate in the final game of the independent league.스포츠토토

A Yeoncheon Miracle official told MHN Sports, “(Hwang) Youngmook has decided to play in the final game of the independent league to be held on the 19th.”

With this, Hwang Young-mook attempted to reach his 200th career hit in his final independent league game. Yeoncheon coach Lee Jeong-gi expressed his disappointment, saying, “Until just before the draft, (Hwang) Young-mook had exactly 199 hits. With one hit left, the game ended in a cold game by Kang-woo.” Moreover, as the independent league was postponed due to rain, the rescheduled game coincided with the recording date of Strongest Baseball.

Accordingly, Hwang Young-mook was able to maintain his ‘loyalty’ to Yeoncheon Miracle, which allowed his talent to blossom in earnest after he dropped out of college. Additionally, he had the opportunity to set a milestone of 200 hits in his independent league career.

Regarding Hwang Young-mook’s entry into the professional ranks, KBS PD Son Seong-kwon, who first scouted him on TV, told MHN Sports, “He is a player who is not only skilled, but I also want to give high marks for his sincerity. So, he may have difficulty adapting in the early stages of becoming a professional, but in the end, he will become a professional as well. “I believe it will work. I hope Hwang Young-mook himself knows well that this is the result of his father’s dedication,” he sent a congratulatory message.

Jo Bu-gyeom, who appeared on TV with Hwang Young-muk and joined LG as a batting pitcher, also said, “I thought (Hwang) Young-mook would naturally be selected in this year’s draft. As expected, he was selected early by Hanwha and (Hwang) Young-mook “I think Lee Hyung’s potential has been recognized. I hope he gets promoted to the first team quickly and we can meet him at the stadium,” he said, conveying a small wish.

The final game of the 2023 Gyeonggi Province Independent League, which could be Hwang Young-mook’s retirement game from the independent league before joining the pro ranks, will be held at the Team Up Campus baseball stadium in Gonjiam, Gyeonggi-do, at 1:30 pm on the 19th. Yeoncheon Miracle’s opponent is Gapyeong Wales.

However, Hwang Young-mook himself has a strong will to play until the playoffs, so he needs to coordinate the recording schedule with his new team, the Hanwha Eagles, and JTBC’s strongest baseball team.

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