Is there no RYU in Toronto fall baseball? Ryu Hyun-jin, excluded from WC list

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Ryu Hyun-jin, who returned from injury and performed well, was eventually excluded from the postseason (PS) list. The original predictions of local media came true. In the end, it appears that his poor performance in his previous appearance was what caught him off guard.카지노사이트

Toronto announced its 26-man roster ahead of the first game of the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) Wild Card (WC) against the Minnesota Twins held at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the morning of the 4th (Korean time). Among the 26-man roster, there were 12 pitchers, and Ryu Hyun-jin’s name was not included. Starting pitchers included Chris Bassett, Jose Berrios, Kevin Gausman, and Yusei Kikuchi.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who underwent surgery to repair his elbow ligaments in June of last year, returned to the MLB mound after a year and two months after completing a long rehabilitation. Initially, there was a negative outlook that he would perform poorly due to a history of surgery at a young age, but after his return, he performed well with 3 wins and 3 losses in 11 games and an earned run average (ERA) of 3.46. In particular, he showed off a variety of pitches as well as clean control in each game, making baseball fans realize that they cannot win a game simply through velocity.

However, his performance in his last appearance was disappointing. Originally, Ryu Hyun-jin was scheduled to pitch against Tampa Bay on the 30th of last month, but he changed the pitching order with Kikuchi. Instead, in the game against Tampa Bay on the 1st, he came off the mound after throwing only 52 pitches in 3 innings and allowing 7 hits and 2 runs. His performance in the 5 games in August was 3 wins, 1 loss, and an ERA of 2.25, but in the 6 games in September, he dropped to 0 wins, 2 losses, and an ERA of 4.50.

Accordingly, local media in Canada and the United States early on predicted that Ryu Hyun-jin would be excluded from the PS list. also said, “Ryu Hyun-jin’s exclusion from the entry was expected. “It will be difficult for him to take on the mission.”

Ryu Hyun-jin, who joined Toronto in the 2020 season, did not leave particularly good memories at PS. In his first year joining the team in 2020, he appeared in Game 2 of the WC against Tampa Bay and collapsed with 8 hits (2 home runs), 1 walk, 3 strikeouts, and 7 runs (3 earned runs) in 1⅔ innings.

Of course, there is a possibility that Toronto will advance to the next level and Ryu Hyun-jin will be included in the new roster. However, it is unclear whether he will be able to assume a starting role. Ryu Hyun-jin’s contract with Toronto ends at the end of this season. 

Meanwhile, Toronto lost 1-3 in the first game of the WC against Minesta held on the 4th. If we give up the next game, we will be eliminated from fall baseball.

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Japan match on 5 days instead of 6 → Korea unexpectedly twisted?… Kwak Bin with ‘symptoms of phlegm’, recovery time disappears by ‘one day’

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China wrote baseball history at the Asian Games. Captured Japan for the first time in history. A thrilling victory. Because of this, the situation in Korea suddenly became complicated. This is because of Kwak Bin (24), who is likely to be selected for the Japan match.스포츠토토

Korea won 17-0, 5th inning cold, against Thailand in the final match of the group B round of baseball at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at the 2nd stadium of the Shaoxing Baseball and Softball Center in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China, on the 3rd at 1 p.m. (Korean time). reaped

With this, Korea finished the group round with 2 wins and 1 loss. After losing to Chinese Taipei on the 2nd, they advanced to the super round in second place in their group.

On the same day, at 7:30 PM, China and Japan faced each other in the final match of Group A at Stadium 1. In this game, China beat Japan 1-0. It’s the biggest blue ever. China defeated Japan for the first time in the Asian Games.

Although Japan was evaluated as having a weak batting line, not many people expected that they would be caught by China. Korea also predicted that Japan would take first place in Group A and China would rise to second place. The result is the opposite.

Now, Korea will meet Japan first in the Super Round, and then face China. As for the dates, the game against Japan is on the 5th and the game against China is on the 6th. The time is the same at 1 PM.

Accordingly, Korea’s plans are somewhat tangled. It is a selection operation. First, Won Tae-in came out on the 1st, and Moon Dong-ju was brought in on the 2nd. Kwak Bin was not there. It was difficult to climb the mountain due to the symptoms of phlegm on my back. Kwak Bin was expected to be the starter against Taiwan, but this is why Moon Dong-ju came forward.

Under normal circumstances, there is a high possibility that Kwak Bin will appear in the game against Japan. The key is to restore physical condition. In this respect, it would have been better to meet Japan on the 6th. I was able to rest for 4-5 days and wait for a clear recovery.

However, China defeated Japan and took first place in the group, so they will now face Japan on the 5th. Recovery time was reduced by one day. It is true that we must be wary of China, but it is also true that we must be more careful of Japan. A stronger pitcher should be put on standby for the game against Japan.

If it is difficult for Kwak Bin to pitch in the game on the 5th, the situation will become very complicated. Park Se-woong, who pitched briefly against Taiwan on the 2nd, and Won Tae-in, who started against Hong Kong on the 1st and pitched only 4 innings, also appears to be available for the bullpen. You can also join Jang Hyun-seok and go for a volume battle.

If Kwak Bin says no, you must use all the cards you can. Of course, it would be best if Kwak Bin could pitch normally. However, phlegm symptoms may last surprisingly long. This is a more sensitive area for athletes. You could just let Kwak Bin rest well and prepare for the finals, but that would be a risk.

With China catching Japan, Korea and Japan started the Super Round with one loss each. Taiwan and China started with one win each. Surprisingly, this isn’t a bad part.

First of all, Korea needs to focus on both Japan and China. Taiwan meets China and Japan one after another, and if they win all of them, they will advance to the finals with three wins. Then, the return match between Korea and Taiwan will be completed.

As expected, Japan, which has one loss, also needs to win everyone in the super round. If they lose to Korea on the 5th, they will lose twice, making it difficult to advance to the finals. China ne

If all goes well, Korea, Taiwan, and China may all end up with 2 wins and 1 loss. In this case, you need to look at TQB (Team’s Quality Balance).

There is nothing else. In any case, Korea must overcome Japan and China. I want to use Kwak Bin, the strongest pitcher, in the game against Japan. The problem is that it may not be feasible. It was unfortunate that ‘Haru’ disappeared when China captured Japan. It’s a pretty big variable.

eds at least one win against Taiwan and Korea to advance to the finals.

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Korean baseball caught by Taiwan, road to victory becomes difficult… How many more cases?

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The Korean baseball team participating in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games was caught by Taiwan, and a red light was turned on for their 4th consecutive loss in the tournament. This is their third consecutive loss to Taiwan following the 2018 Jakarta/Palembang Tournament and the 2019 Premier 12.아톰카지노

The national team led by coach Ryu Joong-il lost 0-4 in the second game of Group B of the first round of baseball against Taiwan held at Stadium 1 of Shaoxing Baseball and Softball Sports Center in China on the 2nd (Korean time). They were confident of winning the championship with a team of star players, but they were unable to target young pitchers born in 2003 who were playing in Double A of the U.S. minor league and lost.

The Korean batting lineup failed to score any points against Taiwanese starter Lin Yu-min, allowing only 4 sporadic hits until the 6th inning. Although the speed was only 140 km/h, he struck out 6 and was unable to attack. The umpire’s inconsistent strike zone was another difficulty for the batters, but it could not be an excuse for no scores.

In conclusion, Korea suffered one loss and has not yet confirmed its advancement to the super round. Of course, as a complete victory in the remaining matches against Thailand is certain, there is a high possibility that the team will advance to the super round as 2nd place in the group, but in this case, the burden of the remaining two games is high as they will have to endure one loss to Taiwan.

It is highly likely that Japan and China will advance to Group A. If Korea loses even one game here, the championship is lost. Due to the loss to Taiwan, they must win both remaining games to advance to the finals with 2 wins and 1 loss. However, we must also take into account the case where the three teams are tied with 2 wins and 1 loss.

In this case, the team that wins the head-to-head match has the upper hand. However, even here, if superiority cannot be determined, TQB (Team’s Quality Balance) in games between tied teams must be considered. TQB is the score obtained by dividing the total number of runs per team divided by offensive innings minus the total number of runs allowed divided by defensive innings.

After the loss against Taiwan, coach Ryu Joong-il acknowledged the complete defeat, saying, “I have nothing to say since we lost,” and “I failed to target the opposing pitcher.” He continued, “I expected him to be a left-handed pitcher, but it was different when I saw him in the video and in real life,” and added, “The ball was fast, he had good control, and he pitched very well overall.”

Coach Ryu continued, “We lost today, but we have a chance (to win) if we beat Japan and China in the super round,” and added, “If we meet Taiwan again in the finals, I will definitely seek revenge then.”

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Gum controversy → Ceremony death → No hits in 8 at-bats, silence… Every time I go to an international competition, it’s all about disasters. Why doesn’t it work out like this for a genius batsman?

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Kang Baek-ho (24), a ‘genius hitter’ who suffered a lot in the past due to controversy over his attitude and carefree play, is disappointing baseball fans with his extreme poor batting this time. At this point, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with international competitions. 스포츠토토

Kang Baek-ho started as designated hitter No. 4 in the second game against Chinese Taipei in the Group B group stage of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Shaoxing Baseball Softball Sports Center in Zhejiang Province, China on the 2nd, and was silent with no hits in four at-bats and one strikeout. 

Kang Baek-ho went through the humiliation of going 0-hit in 4 at-bats and striking out 3 against an amateur-level Hong Kong mound on the 1st. The second game was not much different. He was given the important responsibility of being the national team’s fourth hitter, but his bat was dull and even his starting pitching plan lost its sharpness. 

Kang Baek-ho swallowed his disappointment by recording a pitcher’s ground ball after two pitches in the first inning with two outs and a runner on first base. He struck out while trailing 0-1 in the 3rd inning with 2 outs and runners on first base, and appeared as the lead in the 6th inning when he was trailing 0-2, but was lethargic again with a grounder to 3rd base after 2 pitches.

There was no twist in his last at-bat either. He had a chance to score with 2 outs and 2nd base on Noh Si-hwan’s double in the 8th inning when he was down 0-2, but he hit a grounder to shortstop after 2 pitches, forcing the inning to end. 

Ryu Joong-il, who was the 4th hitter with no hits in 8 at bats in 2 games, suffered a shock 0-4 loss to Chinese Taipei and recorded 1 win and 1 loss in the group stage. The batting line completely failed to attack Taiwan’s mound, which continued to throw 150km fastballs, and Kang Baek-ho was at the center of it all. 

Kang Baek-ho went through the most difficult time since his professional debut two years ago (2018). With his team KT Wiz, he once boasted a good batting ability, challenging the batting average of .400, and even won the Golden Glove as a first baseman following the combined championship, but he was at the center of controversy after chewing gum once while on the Tokyo Olympic team. 

Kang Baek-ho became embroiled in controversy over his attitude when he was caught on the broadcast screen chewing gum in the 8th inning when the team was down 6-10 in the bronze medal game against the Dominican Republic. At the time, commentator Park Chan-ho, a Korean baseball legend, said, “We shouldn’t show up like this. The situation escalated as he bitterly said, “We have to shout out more fighting,” and after his return to Korea, Kang Baek-ho said, “It was an action worthy of criticism.” He officially apologized, saying, “From now on, I will be recognized as a human being.” 

Two years later, Kang Baek-ho once again brought trouble to Korean baseball. In the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic) held last March, in the first game against Australia, which was considered a watershed for advancing to the quarterfinals, a ‘ceremony death’ caused public outrage. He put cold water on the chasing atmosphere with his unprofessional bone head play, and after the game ended, he became a laughing stock of world baseball.

Kang Baek-ho, who hit a double, was celebrating while looking at the third base dugout with the ball in play, and his foot fell off the second base base for a moment. And in the meantime, he was put out by a tag on second baseman Robbie Glenn Dinning’s glove. The initial decision was safe, but after video review, it was confirmed that he had been tagged the moment his foot fell, and he was given a ceremony with an unfamiliar name. As Yang Eui-ji hit a follow-up hit, Kang Baek-ho’s regret and criticism for his mistake grew even greater, and Korea, which lost the game to Australia, was eliminated in the first round with 2 wins and 2 losses. 

Kang Baek-ho went through a difficult time with his team KT this year, his 6th year as a professional. Due to his cold and sudden decline in physical condition, he was expunged from the first team, and then complained of mental fatigue and disappeared from the first team for a while. In 2023, he suffered from public criticism after making a series of mistakes in the national team and his team along with the forced march that started with the WBC, so he did not play in games for a while and focused entirely on rest and recovery. 

Kang Baek-ho finally made his comeback on September 5 and hit a batting average of .333, 2 home runs, and 7 RBIs before being selected to the Asian Games national team. The hitting was so good that KT coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “It’s a shame that (Kang) Baekho has to go to the Asian Games.” 

However, once again, the international competition did not welcome Kang Baek-ho. With manager Ryu Joong-il’s infinite trust, he took on the number 4 hitter in both the Hong Kong and Taiwanese games, but failed to play the role of a problem solver at all. 

If Ryu Joong-il wins against Thailand on the 4th, he will advance to the super round where he will meet the first and second place players from Group A. He lost the match against Chinese Taipei on the 2nd and has to go into the super round with one loss, but if he wins both games, he can aim to advance to the finals. 

As we saw in the match against Taiwan, no matter how well the pitcher pitches, if he doesn’t score, he can’t win. Fourth hitter Kang Baek-ho’s performance is desperately needed to win the Asian Games for the fourth time in a row. 

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I missed fall baseball and 20-20, but… Ha-seong Kim had the best season.

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I missed fall baseball and 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases. However, Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego Padres)’s third season in the Major League (MLB) was successful.

Ha-seong Kim started as a second baseman and second hitter in the final regular season game against the Chicago White Sox held at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, Illinois, USA on the 2nd (Korean time) and recorded no hits in four at-bats and one RBI. He had no hits and only one RBI, a sacrifice fly in the 10th inning of extra innings.

Ha-seong Kim played in 152 of the 162 games the team played, and finished the season with a batting average of 0.251 (140 hits in 538 at-bats), 17 home runs, 60 RBI, 84 runs, 38 stolen bases, and OPS (slugging percentage + on-base percentage) of 0.749.바카라사이트

Kim Ha-seong, who played a lot as a shortstop last year, seemed to have fewer opportunities due to the transfer of Xander Bogaerts. However, he confidently overcame the competition for the starting position. He mainly played second base, but also played shortstop and third base. As he showed his hot batting skills, he even batted first. He has evolved from a ‘player who is only good at defense’ to a ‘player with offensive and defensive skills.

However, injuries and slumps have been holding Kim Ha-seong back since September. After the Oakland Athletics game on the 17th of last month, he missed five consecutive games due to abdominal pain. In the end, it became difficult for him to maintain his batting skills, and he fell short of 3 home runs and failed to achieve 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases. San Diego also failed to advance to the postseason, making it impossible to play fall baseball.

However, Ha-seong Kim’s performance this season was dazzling. He posted a Wins Above Replacement (WAR) of 5.9, ranking him 10th among all MLB fielders. He is by far the number one player on the team. San Diego fans also cheered ‘Awesome Kim’ every time Kim Ha-seong stood at bat.

His meaningful records also poured out. 38 stolen bases is the most by a Korean. The previous record was 22, recorded by Choo Shin-soo (SSG Landers). He succeeded in getting on base multiple times in 15 consecutive games, tying the record for an Asian major leaguer set by Ichiro Suzuki in 2017. With a hitting streak of 16 games in a row, he was on par with Choo Shin-soo during his time with the Cincinnati Reds in 2013. Until August, he was also considered a National League MVP candidate.

’Toronto Blue Jays Ryu Hyun-jin completed his final regular season appearance against the Tampa Bay Rays on the 1st. He failed to challenge for his fourth win of the season, allowing 7 hits and 2 runs in 3 innings. His final records were 3 wins, 3 losses, and an earned run average of 3.46. He underwent a second elbow surgery, but returned successfully and proved his competitiveness. As Toronto advanced to the postseason, Ryu Hyun-jin was the only Korean player to have the opportunity to play fall baseball.Choi Ji-man, who was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates ahead of this season, left behind a disappointment. He moved to San Diego ahead of the trade deadline, but was unable to play much due to injuries. Batting average of 0.163 (17 hits in 104 at-bats), 6 home runs and 13 RBI. Ji-Man Choi is evaluated by the market as a free agent.Pittsburgh Bae Bae Ji-hwan played his first full-time season. By May, he had emerged as a starting player, showing off his quick feet and accurate hitting, but he faltered in the second half of the season. His final performance was a batting average of 0.231 (77 hits in 334 at-bats), 2 home runs, 32 RBI, 24 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.608.

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Ryu Joong-il, who overcame early struggles and won a cold game against Hong Kong, will continue his golden voyage by defeating his ‘old enemy’ Taiwan?

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After much hardship, they defeated their first opponent, Hong Kong, with a cold win. Taiwan is now the ‘enemy’.

The Korean national baseball team, led by coach Ryu Joong-il, will play the second match of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Group B against Chinese Taipei at the Shaoxing Baseball and Softball Sports Center near Hangzhou, China on the 2nd.스포츠토토

Korea won 10-0 cold in the 8th inning in the game against Hong Kong held the previous day (1st). However, there were many points that needed to be addressed. The result was a cold game, but the process was by no means smooth.

The pitching staff was okay. Starting with starter Won Tae-in (Samsung Lions, 4 innings, no runs), Jeong Woo-young (LG Twins, 1 inning, no runs), Choi Ji-min (KIA Tigers, 1 inning, no runs), Jang Hyun-seok (Masan Yongmaggo, LA Dodgers, 1 inning, no runs), and Park Young-hyun (KIA Tigers, 1 inning, no runs). KT Wiz (1 inning, no runs) etc. pitched well in succession. In particular, Won Tae-in threw 47 balls and went 4 innings with 1 hit, no walks, 8 strikeouts, and no runs, raising expectations for his future performance.

The problem was that the batting line looked like it had eaten a sweet potato. They succeeded in getting the lead in the bottom of the first inning with a timely hit to right by Bo-kyung Moon (LG), but they did not show much until Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom Heroes) hit a timely double with two RBIs in the bottom of the fourth inning.

The batting lineup’s slump continued. The score remained 3-0 until the top of the 8th inning. Fortunately, they were able to score a total of 7 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning and achieve a cold win, but it was inevitable that it would leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Even though it was the first game, the players’ sense of the game was not there, and even considering that Hong Kong baseball had developed tremendously, there was no doubt that it was a frustrating performance considering the difference in baseball infrastructure between the two countries.

Now it is Taiwan. Korea desperately needs a victory over Taiwan in order to win a ticket to the finals, which is given only to first and second place after rankings are calculated by adding up the results from the group stage and the subsequent super round.

However, Taiwan is by no means an easy opponent. There are many players with experience in the minor leagues of American professional baseball, and the level of the league is not something to ignore. However, it is also an opponent that Korea must overcome as it aims to win its fourth consecutive Asian Games title following the 2010 Guangzhou Games, 2014 Incheon Games, and 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games.

In order for Korea to overpower Taiwan, the batting line’s firepower must be revived more than anything else. It is fortunate that their offensive power exploded at the end of the Hong Kong match, but there is a possibility that they will struggle if they face the fast balls of Taiwanese pitchers after watching the slow balls of Hong Kong pitchers. It is essential for hitters to adapt quickly.

In addition, if Kang Baek-ho, who started as the number 4 designated hitter in the match against Hong Kong and went 0-hit in 4 at bats, with 3 strikeouts and 1 walk, comes back to life, the national team’s batting lineup could be given even more weight. The poor performance against Hong Kong was not due to Kang Baek-ho’s bad batting, but rather to the Hong Kong players’ slow balls. In the bottom of the 3rd inning, with no outs on 1st and 2nd base, there was the misfortune of a well-hit ball hitting the opponent’s right fielder.

The national team also needs to be on guard. Immediately after the aforementioned Kang Baek-ho’s at-bat, first base runner Noh Si-hwan committed a bone head play, passing second base runner Choi Ji-hoon. If the umpire had made a correct decision without making a mistake, the inning should have ended with a triple kill. In short-term games like the Asian Games, baserunning can have a huge impact on the game and can be fatal.

Since the selection notice system is not implemented in this tournament, it is not clear who will take on the important role of starting pitcher for the match against Taiwan. However, if we were to infer considering all the circumstances, it seems highly likely that one of the two players, Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha Eagles) or Kwak Bin (Doosan Bears), who are known to be in very good condition, will take the mound as the first pitcher in the match against Taiwan.

The head coach and players are all working hard to make up for the sluggish performance in the early stages of the match against Hong Kong and achieve a victory against Taiwan. National team coach Ryu Joong-il, whom we met after the Hong Kong game, said, “We expect a left-handed starting pitcher to appear tomorrow (the 2nd) (since we have many left-handed hitters). “The ball is faster than today’s (Hong Kong batters), so we will prepare well,” he emphasized.

‘Captain’ Kim Hye-seong, who swung the bat with 3 hits in 6 at-bats, 3 RBIs, and 1 run, including the last hit that led Korea’s Colts victory in the Hong Kong match, also said, “(We have to win (the match against Taiwan)) unconditionally. This is a game that must be won no matter what, regardless of whether the score is 1 point. “All I can think about is that I have to do my best,” she said, adding, “I think I have to do well again.”

There is only one answer to winning the Asian Games for the fourth time in a row: unconditional victory. Much attention is being paid to whether Ryu Joong-il will be able to continue his golden voyage by defeating Taiwan, a difficult opponent.

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It’s a miracle.” The sincerity of the ‘baseball legend’ amidst the laughter… Even my junior of 5 years responded with a smile.

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“The fact that it came up is a miracle in itself!”

The face of former ‘Hulk’ director Lee Man-soo, whom I met after a long time, was full of smiles.

The Laos baseball team, led by former coach Man-soo Lee, held its first local training at the 2nd stadium of the Shaoxing Baseball Sports and Culture Center in Hangzhou, China on the 29th.

The head coach is Kim Hyun-min, former coach of Jinyoung High School. Although he was the leader of the players, Lee Man-soo himself was no different from a coach. He was busy training detailed hitting techniques with each player.카지노사이트

As former coach Lee has always said, the Laos players were overall young and had thin frames. Just looking at him training showed his lack of baseball experience. It was as he lamented, “Once you make a player, you quit baseball for the sake of making a living. Most of the players played baseball for 1-2 years.”

However, Laos achieved the miracle of breaking through the Asian Games preliminaries with such a poor player base. Although they lost 1-4 to Thailand, they beat Singapore 8-7 and took second place in the group. The team that was defeated by Thailand 0-15 in the Jakarta-Palembang tournament, which was their first appearance, has improved so much. The 10 years that former coach Lee had dedicated himself to promoting baseball in Laos since 2014 were a worthy miracle.

Realistically, the next step is difficult. Laos was placed in Group A along with Japan, China, and the Philippines.

Former coach Lee laughed, saying, “It would have been nice to meet Korea, but it’s a cold game from now on.” However, even in his jokes and laughter, the pride and satisfaction of looking at players who were like children touched the viewer deeply.

His dream is to spread baseball throughout the Indochina Peninsula in the future. Laos baseball, which General Manager Lee sowed, is just beginning.

On this day, Director Lee also had a nice meeting with Coach Ryu Joong-il, who leads the Korean national team. An original member of the Samsung Lions and a first-round pick in 1987, the two are seniors and juniors who have been in the team for 5 years.

Coach Ryu said, “It’s been a long time since I saw senior Lee Man-soo. First of all, congratulations on Laos’ first win, and congratulations on their first appearance in the Asian Games (finals),” he said, adding, “We talked about old times and had a very good time.”

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It’s true that it’s difficult, but it’s still a 3.5G car… Lotte, unable to give up in the semifinals, has its last hope in a four-game series over three days against Samsung.

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Number of cases. This is a story we have often heard when considering Korea’s chances of advancing to the next round in various international competitions.스포츠토토

The Lotte Giants have recently won three games in a row and are maintaining their hopes of advancing to the semifinals.

7th place with 62 wins and 67 losses, a winning percentage of .481. There is a 3 game difference from the 6th place KIA Tigers (64 wins, 2 draws, 63 losses, 50.4% win rate), and a 3.5 game difference from the 5th place SSG Landers (65 wins, 3 draws, 63 losses, 50.8% win rate).

It is true that there are only 15 games left, and domestic aces Park Se-woong and Na Kyun-an, as well as outfielder Yoon Dong-hee, are missing for the Asian Games, so it is difficult, but we cannot just give up because we see an opponent who could catch up with a little more effort.

However, it is true that it is realistically difficult for Lotte to make it to the final five. Assuming that SSG has 6 wins and 7 losses in the remaining 13 games as of the 29th, recording 71 wins, 3 draws and 70 losses, Lotte must record 11 wins and 4 losses (0.733 winning percentage) in the remaining 15 games to win.

Even assuming that KIA and SSG finish with a .500 winning percentage, Lotte needs 10 wins and 5 losses to make it to .500 with 72 wins and 72 losses.

To sustain even this slim hope, a victory in early October is needed.

Lotte, which has 15 games left, will play 12 games against the LG Twins, who are in first place, with 4 games remaining. The relative record is not bad at 5 wins and 7 losses. There are 4 games left against Samsung, which is ahead with 7 wins and 5 losses. There are 3 games remaining against Doosan, who are ahead with 7 wins and 6 losses, and 3 games remaining against Hanwha, who are ahead with 9 wins and 4 losses. And they play one game against KIA, their leading competitor.

The most important teams are LG and Samsung, which have a lot left. If LG quickly secures first place, it could work to Lotte’s advantage. They will have games against LG on October 4th and 5th and 9th and 10th. Before that, the four-game series, including a double header with Samsung, over three days from October 1st to 3rd is the most important. If they can continue their winning streak in this four-game series, they can threaten KIA and SSG.

Although they are ‘tortures of hope’, when they see the fans coming to Sajik Stadium and cheering loudly, the players feel like they want to use all their strength to win. On the 29th, the day of Chuseok, 10,279 fans came to Sajik Stadium for the game against Hanwha and rejoiced at Lotte’s 9-1 victory. Lotte must run until the end.

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The shock brought on by the ‘last place’ Heroes, who won 4 consecutive wins… 8th to 10th places increased from 7 games to 2, Hanwha Samsung revives fear of last place

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The ‘ember’ that was thought to have gone out has come back to life.

The lead between 8th place Hanwha Eagles, 9th place Samsung Lions, and 10th place Kiwoom Heroes has been narrowed to two games. The trend can change in an instant depending on winning or losing streak. Both Hanwha, which has been in last place for three years in a row, and Samsung, which has never been in last place, are in a position to be very nervous.바카라사이트

Until early September, the lower rankings seemed to be roughly organized. Hanwha swept four consecutive games, including a double header with Heroes from September 8th to 10th. The gap between 8th place Hanwha, which had 6 consecutive wins, and 10th place Heroes, who had suffered 7 straight losses, widened to 7 games.

Samsung, ranked 9th, maintained a 4-5 game gap with the Heroes. Hanwha, which was on the rise, caught up with the Lotte Giants in 7th place by 2 games.

However, Hanwha’s upward trend did not last long. After 6 consecutive wins, they lost 10 (3 wins) in 13 games. We lost four games in a row twice. During the same period, Samsung had 4 wins and 6 losses, and Heroes had 4 wins and 1 loss. The Heroes, who had suffered an 8-game losing streak, won 4 games in a row.

With few games canceled due to rain, the Heroes have ample time to regroup. Since the game schedule is spread out, you can focus and give your all. Lotte Giants, NC Dinos, Hanwha, and SSG Landers were dealt blows to the Heroes one after another. Ace Ahn Woo-jin, foreign pitchers Ian McKinney, and Jeong Chan-heon are fierce despite being out for the season due to injury. We see the cohesion of Heroes again.

These days, heroes are the ‘Grim Reapers.’

Hanwha, which had run out of steam, suffered a 0-3 loss in an away game against Lotte in Busan on the 28th. He was suppressed by the good pitching of opposing starting pitcher Charlie Barnes. Barnes held Hanwha’s batting lineup to 4 hits and no runs through the 6th inning, striking out 9.

Hanwha’s starting pitcher Ricardo Sanchez pitched well, allowing 3 runs in 6⅓ innings, but the batting line was blocked. With two outs and two outs in the second inning, he had a chance with the bases loaded, but he threw it in vain. Lee Do-yoon retired with a missed swing and a strikeout. In the 6th inning, with 1 out and runners on 1st and 2nd base, Choi In-ho and Park Jung-hyun struck out in succession.

On the same day, Samsung defeated the first-place LG Twins 11 to 1. Heroes defeated SSG 4-2. 8th place Hanwha and Samsung are 0.5 games apart, and Samsung and Heroes are 1.5 games apart.

Currently, Hanwha does not have main guns Noh Si-hwan and Kim Tae-yeon. Noh Si-hwan joined the Hangzhou Asian Games national team, and Kim Tae-yeon ended the season due to injury. Since the 23rd, when the two players were out, they had 1 win and 4 losses in 5 games, scoring a total of 9 points. Less than 2 points per game.

The Heroes virtually gave up on competing for rankings after Lee Jeong-hoo went out of the season due to injury at the end of July. We are preparing for next season by giving opportunities to young players,Choi Won-tae, one of the key starting pitchers, was sent to LG and two prospects and a first-round pick in the rookie draft were received. Ace Ahn Woo-jin’s season ended with an elbow injury early this month. If you end up in last place due to the lack of two-hit main power from the Heroes, you will suffer fatal injuries.

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‘Lee Taeyang → Jung Woo-ram’s gold medal lineage continues’ The key to Ryu Joong-il’s throw that erased the humiliation of Hanwha’s national team, “I will show my teeth in the gold medal.”

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 “It’s Taeyang senior, Wooram senior, and my turn.”

The Hanwha Eagles have not been able to establish ties with the national team recently. Until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and 2023 WBC, they were unable to produce a single athlete in a row. However, it is different at the Hangzhou Asian Games. This is because the core of the national team’s two-hitters are all Hanwha players.

Moon Dong-ju and Noh Si-hwan are the main characters.

Moon Dong-ju, who played his first full-time season this season, played the season with a limit of 120 innings. Although he failed to win the first 10 games in his debut, he recorded 8 wins, 8 losses, and an average ERA of 3.72 in 23 games and 118⅔ innings.

He joined the national team after three weeks of rest under Hanwha’s thorough management. He is bound to be in better condition than the players who played the game right before being called up to the national team.

And in the practice game against Sangmu, Dong-ju Moon appeared as Sangmu’s starting pitcher. He started with KKK with a fastball of up to 154km. He pitched powerfully in 3 innings, allowing 2 hits, no walks, 5 strikeouts, and no runs.스포츠토토

Coach Ryu Joong-il is considering Moon Dong-ju, along with Kwak Bin, as the starting pitcher for the match against Taiwan, which will be a watershed moment in the group stage. This confirms Moon Dong-ju’s position in the national team.

In the field, there is Noh Si-hwan. In 126 games this season, he has a batting average of 0.298, 31 home runs, 99 RBI, and a slugging percentage of 0.540, ranking first in home runs, RBI, and slugging percentage. There is only one RBI remaining in 30 home runs and 100 RBI.

I was able to get my timing right again when I hit a home run against Kiwoom on the 22nd, the day before the national team was called up.

However, in the practice game with Sangmu, he suffered a strikeout in all three at-bats, which was disappointing.

After completing all training and practice games in Gocheok, Moon Dong-ju and Noh Si-hwan departed on the 28th.

These are the players who asked fans for autographs and photos until the end. The sight of fans standing in line waiting for Moon Dong-ju and Noh Si-hwan’s autographs was also impressive.

Moon Dong-ju, whom we met before leaving the country, said, “It is true that coach (Choi Won-ho) helped me, so I have to do better. I have confidence, so I think I can do well and come back.” It appealed.

Regarding being mentioned as a starting candidate for the match against Taiwan, he emphasized, “I don’t know when I will play, but I plan to do my best and pitch. There are many good pitchers behind me, so if I throw my best every inning, I will get good results.”

Regarding the fact that so many fans came, he said, “It makes me think, ‘Am I this much of a person?’ I will do well and come back as many people have come. I will do my best so that I can be interviewed with a smile like this when I come back, and I will leave this mark on the gold medal to show you.” He also conveyed his unique determination.

Noh Si-hwan introduced that he received support from his team’s seniors. He said, “On the team, seniors Taeyang (2014 Incheon) and Wooram (2018 Jakarta) won gold medals. Now it’s my turn. The seniors had good energy, so I thought I would be able to win the gold medal. They cheered me on a lot. I came back with 4 consecutive wins. “I want to come,” he expressed his determination.

Around the time he hit nine home runs, Son Ah-seop (NC), who often made fun of Noh Si-hwan, also cheered him on. Noh Si-hwan said, “This time, you gave me your sincere support. I was touched. ‘My little brother, He said, ‘Have a nice trip and win a gold medal.’ “I’m leaving with great strength,” he said with a smile.

When Moon Dong-joo said that he was going to hold a ceremony by biting the gold medal, he showed his unity and said, “Then I will do the same.”

Noh Si-hwan’s determination is to win the championship. He said emphatically, “It’s natural. I will definitely come back with a win.”

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